Get your child to try new veggies with this simple trick!

Pulling your hair out trying to get you little one to eat there vegetables???

I constantly am telling the preschoolers that I teach across Central California of this fun rule and parents continually call me raving about how their picky eater is now trying new healthy options! Here is a simple approach to getting you little one to try new things.

Empower your child. Tell them that each time you visit the grocery store that THEY get to pick a new fruit or vegetable to try. Then they get to go home and help prepare the fruit or veggie. This gives the child a voice in what they eat and they have an absolute blast picking out new things to try.  At the end of the day, even if they find out they didn’t really enjoy the vegetable, they have given it a chance. They are excited to learn about new fruits and vegetables and love being part of the process.



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